YLW Series of horizontal thermal conductive oil boilers for coal burning

1400 – 29000 KW
work stress
0.8 – 1 Mpa
Working temperature
320 degrees
Gas fuel
Bituminous coal, anthracite, biomass particles
application industry
Petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, wood processing, vegetable oil processing and other industrie
Product Introduction

Series of YLW heat-conducting oil boilers are square coil horizontal chain grate boilers, chain grate boilers and boiler body parts.This boiler USES chain grate to realize mechanical coal addition, equipped with a drum and a fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a slag discharge machine to achieve mechanical slag discharge.

Runtime fuel from coal hopper fall on combustion, after high temperature flue gas passes through the arch reflection before entering to the furnace hearth, after radiation heating surface radiation heat transfer in the convective heating surface for convective heat transfer, and then leads to the waste heat boiler, again into the air preheater, finally into the dust, dust removal after northwards by induced draft fan through the chimney flue gas into the atmosphere.

Technical Advantage

Nc 3 d laser cutting machine is adopted for steel pipe slant.
The square plate control adopts nc 3d pipe bending machine, no forced assembly.
Serpentine control is used for automatic production line of serpentine tube, forming in one time.
The serpentine pipe and square coil pipe adopt argon arc welding technology to ensure 100% qualified.
The optimized radiation heating surface and convection heating surface, the medium flow is more reasonable, and the service life will not be reduced due to the overheating of the carrier.
The convective heating surface is effectively fixed and supported, making it last longer.
The convection heating surface is set up with effective smoke isolation, and the service life of pouring partition wall is longer.
Patented furnace arch structure, suitable for different types of coal, anthracite is also easy to burn.
Prevent the front fuel hopper, effectively prevent the biomass burning hopper and coke.
Effective ash removal structure is set up to facilitate maintenance, operation and cleaning.
USES the high quality of refractory brick masonry, using high quality perlite, furnace temperature control under 50 ℃, the heat loss is minimal.
The furnace is equipped with double dense platen tube and adequate heating surface arrangement.